Dankzij Vere zie ik precies waar ik aan moet werken in mijn proces zodat ik echt kan zijn wie ik ben, wie ik wil zijn en dit ook kan uitstralen naar de rest van de wereld” – Nikita

“En het was magisch! ik voel nu al na één sessie dat mijn investering die ik met liefde naar jou gedaan heb het dubbel waard is!! Dankjewel lieve Vere ” – D



This 1:1 private session will support you to connect to the soul of your business. Together we will take a deep dive into creating a relationship with the energy of your business. We will discover how you can communicate with your business on a deeper and more intimate level so you will create clarity on what your EXACT message is that you may put out into the world, create aligned offerings + prices for your clients and overall.. stand behind your business and message with full trust and confidence.

This single business deep dive session is especially helpfull if you’ve worked with me before. Knowing that you need something different in every stage of your business this deep dive attument session will serve you in whatever you may need. Whether is soul strategy, connecting to the soul of your business, mapping out your creations or laying out your blueprint.

All so you an unplug yourself from old stories and energetic blocks that are keeping you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Creating a relationship with your business will help you to express your offerings and creations in a way thats ALIGNED with your message, your values and the energy that you want to bring forth into the world. Doing this will help you stand behind your offerings, communicate them in the world with ease and confidence and full trust in the work you share and do.

Result: showing up with more confidence in your business, learning to communicate with your business so you can serve her best, being visible in a way that feels good and is aligned with your truth and message, attract more clients and engagement within your business whilst feeling in touch and in flow!

This session is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck for a while in your business or know that you are ready to deepen your relationship with your business. This is about deepening your creativity, deepening your selfworth, deepening your confidence in speaking your truth and sharing your messages with your clients so they will HEAR you, find you and want to work with you and releasing ANY old limiting beliefs that keep you from where you are to where you want to be.

Its time to drop into the confidence and trust that you’ve got in in you to create a life on your own terms so that YOU can thrive and GIVE the world your GREATEST GIFT – the presence of being you.

Duration: 90 to 100 minutes.

Location: the session will take place on zoom

After purchasing you will get direct acces to Vere’s personal calender so you can pick a date that works for you. You will instantly receive a personal zoomlink that will give you access to the private zoomroom at the time the meeting is scheduled.

I will contact you via email with a list of questions that will help me to instantly tune into whats needed, where your needs area and what may be transformed in our session. I will have a look at your website, tune into your offerings and those areas where you seek guidence and support.


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    “De intensive met Vere heb ik als magisch ervaren! Ik heb mooie inzichten opgedaan over mijn gift en woorden aan mijn gevoel kunnen geven. Ik erg gegroeid op het gebied van mijn money mindset ” – Annemiek

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